Digital Corporate Training

Trainer’s Toolchest offers eLearning courses built around best-selling training videos with interactive exercises to deliver high-impact training at the touch of a button.  This experience encourages the learners to put in to practice what they have learned to foster a high-performing workforce.

There are two ways to provide the programs to one employee or a group of employees:

1. Use your own LMS (Learning Management System).  Many of the programs are available to be added to your learning management system or organizational server via a digital download.  Pricing is based on either a per-learner charge or group-learning license-fee based on the number of viewers.  Additional fees apply to wrap courses in a SCORM/AICC package.

2. Use a Third-Party Learning Platform.  The second method for interactive eLearning is via a third-party learning platform.  Many programs are accessed via an embedded link which directs learners to the learning platform. Pricing is based on either a per learner charge or group learning license fee based on the number of viewers.

The majority of these eLearning programs are available in SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 3rd Edition (Shareable Content Object Reference Modeling).  Most offer a pre-test, post-tests, interactive experience with the full-length video, and a certificate of completion. 

More than half of organizations in the United States are using digital platforms with more than 80 percent planning to use these platforms in the future.  Popular training topics for eLearning include:  Leadership Training, Soft Skills Training, New Hire Onboarding, Sexual Harassment and Safety Training.  eLearning has many benefits such as an enhanced learning experience for the learner, increased access for learners, a better reporting system and ease of use.