Diversity, Inclusion, Respectful Workplace

Diversity Workplace Training

Trainer's Toolchest provides an impressive line of workplace diversity training DVDs, diversity videos, and diversity & inclusion training resources for electronic streaming or e-learning to transform your organization. Create a truly respectful and inclusive workplace by raising awareness of how to work with people who are different, how to manage workplace diversity, and realize the benefits in so many aspects of the workplace including diversity & inclusion training, cultural diversity, employee orientation, leadership training and communication skills training. Send the message that respect is a core value of your organization. 

As Sondra Thiederman points out in her best-selling film, Gateways to Inclusion, "Even though we recognize the value of a diverse workplace, those workplaces -- because they are diverse -- can be minefields of potential misunderstanding, hurt feelings, and even conflict. If handled properly, these uncomfortable moments can be transformed into productive conversations that serve as gateways to better working relationships, increased understanding, and reduced tension."  

In Wealth, Innovation & Diversity with Joel Barker, Joel states, "Without diversity, there can be no innovation; without innovation, there can be no new wealth; therefore, diversity is the key to creating wealth for all." Diversity is an important business imperative.

Diversity expert Jane Elliott, featured in several of our diversity awareness training programs including The Eye of the Storm, A Class Divided, The Angry Eye, and The Complete Blue Eyed DVD, originally developed the brown eyed/blue eyed experiment to give her 3rd grade students some idea of racial prejudice after Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination.